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Hi, I’m Barbara. I am a Master Licensed Esthetician and the founder of Barbara Beyond Skin Facial Studio.

My love of beauty began growing up in my mother’s salon. It became a second skin (pun intended!) to me to easily spot beauty in others and draw it out. Later on, a personal family member developed eczema and I wanted to learn how to treat skin. This drive, coupled with my keen eye for beauty, led me to perfect my craft.
At the beginning of my skincare career, I started my own beauty salon as a cosmetologist in 1998. But I began to really understand skin after managing a laser center led by Board Certified Dermatologists. There I became fascinated with how different skin types (ie: the Fitzpatrick Skin phototypes) could each react differently to the same treatment.

I then studied how to combine treatments and therapies for these different skin types during my Esthetician training at the nationally accredited Beyond 21st Century Beauty Academy. Immediately after, I began working at a skin spa. My clients there especially appreciated my knack for reading their skin and explaining how it would react to any given treatment.

In 2017, I created Barbara Beyond Skin with the mission to combine beauty and relaxation with deep scientific understanding. I instantly fell in love with HydraFacial’s science-based, results-oriented approach and wanted to offer it at my new studio.

After completing both their professional and expert training programs, I was hand-selected to complete their first-ever “Masters” training. I am now 1 of 14 HydraFacial “Masters.” I’m thrilled to be part of a community that continually improves treatments with clinical research, and educates estheticians on how to use them.

Through the years I’ve also joined forces with other skincare companies like Circadia, Alastin, and Elleebana. They’ve all provided me with further training courses, as well as opportunities to attend skincare conventions worldwide.

While I’ve gained expert knowledge from all my credentials, I’ve learned the most about the “science of skin” through experience. I treat my clients like family members and listen to the personal stories of their skin and their lives. I can confidently give them realistic goals and expectations by intuition. I love what I do and put my love into every treatment.

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